Make room for joy

My Dream for the World

My Mission

Empowering you to embrace, experience and express your emotions as a way of life so we are all deepening our self love and living from our natural frequency of joy.

My Specialty

Guiding individuals suffering with intense emotions to transmute their panful past into passion and purpose in a safe, loving way.

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My book “Making Friends With The Boogeyman Transforming Tragedy Into Triumph”

It is a book of Hope for humanity that reveals how to be open to possibilities and weave learnings into the present moment of your everyday life. To really begin to embody and practice a new way of being in the world….a transformation!

-Pam Villeneuve, Mentor, Coach, Somatic Practitioner, Mystic, Sister Goddess, Mother, Teacher, Dancer, Recovery Human, and CHO of DTC, Inc.

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Hi I’m Heidi Smith

In my book, “Making Friends with the Boogeyman: Transforming Tragedy Into Triumph

I share my experiences with anxiety, trauma and addiction and how they taught me to explore and express my emotions for freedom from suffering. Whatever has happened in your life you can learn how to transform intense emotions from enemies to allies.

Work with me to “unlock your blocks” and move through the emotions in the way of your desires to feel new clarity, peace and joy. Imagine the serenity of relaxing in your body and feeling safe in the world. It is absolutely possible and I can show you how. You need three things to get what you want:

The willingness to explore your feelings and try something new

The commitment to take action now

The belief that better IS possible

If you are committed, willing and believe better is possible, I’ll show you how to get what you want.

How can I do that? I have transformed myself many times: from childhood trauma survivor to thriving, powerful woman; from a life of self-destructive addiction to a grateful, fun-loving alcohol-free life; from passionless, constricted employee to passion-filled, joyous entrepreneur; from a woman possessed and controlled by her emotions to a peaceful woman free and clear to choose her best path; from an angry, distrusting, dysfunctionally independent woman unable to let a man into her heart to a blissfully married woman on a grand adventure with the man of her dreams.

I’m here to shorten your learning curve so you can enjoy transformation now

I was 50 when it all came together. I’ve spent a lifetime gathering wisdom and the most efficient tools to navigate intense emotions, problems, negative experiences, mental or emotional blocks and barriers. I’m here to shorten your learning curve so you can enjoy transformation now rather than 5, 10, 20 years down the road. 

I will help you connect with your inner wisdom, confidence, strength, and power to claim the joy, love and peace you’ve been craving and deserve.

Sound good?

Your life is happening NOW. If you’re reading this, chances are you found me because your energy is being sucked into confusion, intense emotion, negativity and yearning. I want to see you unlock your blocks and channel your true power into accepting and enjoying all you have and all you are.

Better is possible

Schedule a call with me to discuss what you want, what’s blocking you and how I’ll guide you to free yourself and live your dreams.