A Year Of Joy

I am honoured to partner with Debby Schlesinger-Hellman and Andrew Cannon, founders of The Art and Science of Joy as one of their Joy Experts. You’ll find links to my resources (podcast, thought piece and live event) below.

Debby and Andrew’s mission is to inspire and empower you to find more joy in your life. They’ve done extensive research to uncover a proven recipe for joy. Although each of us creates our own unique recipe, their research found that all of us have 4 foundational pillars for joy: wellbeing, belonging, positive impact and fun.

They’ve gathered experts from all areas to share resources on their complimentary membership site. I’m excited to be part of this movement to open to more joy in our lives.

My joy superpower is Transforming Tragedy Into Triumph.

Podcast Recap by Andrew Cannon

Heidi Smith is a Bestselling Author, Transformation Guide, Speaker, and Accelerated Evolution Academy Master Coach and Trainer. With a deep passion for guiding her clients toward their natural state of joy, Smith’s approach is to “Make Room For Joy” by helping people let go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions that hold them back from embracing their true selves. Smith’s guidance has inspired individuals to achieve remarkable breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives. She offers a collaborative and empowering experience to help clients navigate demanding situations, gain insights, develop a resilient mindset, and expand their consciousness.

As a Transformation Guide, I often encounter people who struggle to bounce back after facing negative experiences. Our ability to cope with these situations and learn from them is crucial for personal growth and feeling joyful. Powerful strategies to move us forward are: looking for advantages in adversity, exploring how to think differently after a negative experience, using our insights to change our story about the past to something positive, being mindful of our language and lastly using the past tense to maintain a positive perspective. By embracing these powerful strategies, we can transform our mindset and cultivate a more optimistic and resilient approach to life’s challenges.