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Making Friends With The Boogeyman

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What readers are saying about “Making Friends With The Boogeyman: Transforming Tragedy Into Triumph”

To use a phrase from the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous, I have once again  been “rocketed to the fourth dimension”, after reading “Making Friends with the Boogeyman” by Heidi Smith. I can relate wholeheartedly with Heidi in her honest, raw and real journey, through addiction, and initially discovering parts of herself through the foundation of AA’s 12 steps and then bravely building upon that foundation by embracing deeper healing through other modalities and Accelerated Evolution. This book was a message for me to keep going in my quest for lifting others and reminding me to “let it begin with me” by meeting my trauma and foibles to create openness in me and therefore I will lift others because a rising tide lifts all boats!!! 

For all my AA & Al Anon friends, that are asking the question, “is this all there is?”, and feel the urge to move on from that unanswerable question, this book will inspire you. Heidi will reveal a path beyond the foundation of the 12 steps, and encourage you to open to your unique path. It is a book of Hope for humanity that reveals how to be open to possibilities and weave learnings into the present moment of your everyday life. To really begin to embody and practice a new way of being in the world….a transformation! 

Her story and insights inspire you to move forward on the path of life supporting you and preparing you for the next event. As I always say, “everything is a preparation for the next event”, and Heidi confirmed that in this book. By sharing the power of her story, she touches your heart and encourages movement to a new freedom and a new happiness. and Heidi confirmed that in this book. By sharing the power of her story, she touches your heart and encourages movement to a new freedom and a new happiness. 

Pam Villeneuve, Mentor, Coach, Somatic Practitioner, Mystic, Sister Goddess, Mother, Teacher, Dancer, Recovery Human, and CHO of DTC, Inc.

WOW! This book was so moving and uplifting. I sobbed through parts of it and felt deeply seen and touched as a reader by Heidi Smith’s story. I appreciated its authentic vibe, down-to-earthness, humour and humanity. The story is  enjoyable and at the same time thought-provoking, mesmerizing, sad, loving and uplifting. It’s so encouraging. It inspired me to let go of a piece of my own baggage. I’m grateful I read it.

Emily R.

Even the most widely read in the self-development field will find themselves rocked by Smith’s clear, potent reductions. With yogic precision, she imparts enormous life truths in a simple few moves. Read more

Alex Van Tol, Victoria writer, teacher and bestselling author

“In this powerful book, Heidi Smith shares how you can transform tragedy into triumph. The blend of Heidi’s personal stories with practical exercises makes this book both intimate and useful. Reading this book is like having Heidi as your own personal coach and champion. Highly recommended!”

Aurora Winter, MBA bestselling, award-winning author of “Turn Words Into Wealth

“Powerful Proactive Prose ~
In this raw and captivating biographical journey Smith shows that recovery is not only a possibility but can be a reality. Making Friends With The Boogeyman is a must read for those who are struggling with overcoming pain and suffering along their own journey. Smith’s story will guide and inspire you on how to take back your power by reconciling the past, and reclaim well-being through Accelerated Evolution. Get ready for a great read. Embrace your journey, a great choice and wonderful gift to give yourself.”

Lyn Bull

“Making Friends with the Boogeyman: Transforming Tragedy into Triumph by Heidi Smith details her experiences with alcoholism and drug abuse. Through her first-hand account, Smith encourages her readers to take steps to empower themselves and go down the road to recovery, turning to their strengths to create a fuller physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually secure life.

Heidi delivers the raw details of her story and the milestone event that led her to start using drugs and alcohol. Although she experienced embarrassment due to some of her actions, Smith moved on to empower others by sharing her experiences. The author’s story is a candid testimonial, and many individuals would benefit from the honesty that flows from her words. Smith truly cares about her readers and understands their challenges. Through creative and personal channels, the author shows that her transformation was part of a process, and it led her down the road to a higher understanding.

Heidi Smith’s dedication to her readers is clear, as she provides exercises to help them evaluate their feelings and try to process them more constructively. QR codes throughout the book help to clarify her points and provide readers with enrichment. “Making Friends with the Boogeyman” is a great book for anyone who struggles with substance abuse issues, as it shows that they are not alone. The book would be a good companion for other readers, as Smith’s story could help soften their perspective on loved ones who may be struggling with the daily demands of life on top of tackling their dependency issues.”

Readers’ Favorite Five-star review from Courtnee Turner Hoyle

Breathe, this is how I felt after I finished Heidi’s book. I felt I could breathe through my challenges, change my life and face my own versions of the boogeyman!  Heidi bravely tells her story of recovery from addiction and trauma.  She shares all of it with vulnerability and courage and doses of humour.  Watching her transform through self appraisal, hard work and curiosity took me on a journey I could not put it down, Heidi is a gifted storyteller.  There is lots of practical advice woven in through the pages of her story.  A must read for anyone who wants more in their journey of life and hope in seeing how better is possible!

Heather M

Heidi Smith was a cheerful and lighthearted child who frequently made those around her laugh. But one night, when she was only 12 years old, this carefree lightness of being was buried alive. Heidi was half asleep, stumbling toward the living room, searching for her mother. What she witnessed left her scared to the core, and for most of her life, she carried the pain in silence and crucified herself for what happened. For many years, Heidi thought drinking and drugs were the only ways to escape her pain. But this would always create a pile of reasons to hate herself. In Making Friends With The Boogeyman: Transforming Tragedy Into Triumph, Heidi Smith guides us through how she overcame her traumatic past to become the best version of herself and how she discovered happiness in the wreckage.

Put down your sword and reconcile with your past. This was the message that stuck with me as I read this book. As human beings, we all have humiliating and painful pasts that we wish to lock away forever. Heidi Smith shares her story in a style that makes you feel and understand that you are not alone. She goes deeper to make you feel that you are so much more than your painful past. She incorporated several uplifting quotes that will leave you thankful you have made it this far. My favorite was the one that encourages the reader to always be optimistic about themselves. Making Friends With The Boogeyman is written from a first-person perspective. This made me feel as if I was sitting across a table from the author. This book will be a gift to anyone suffering from depression and wishing to see life in a new light. Psychologists and therapists will also find it beneficial to them in their line of work.

Readers’ Favorite Five-star review from Alex Ndirangu

“Heidi Smith tells her story with humour and an open and courageous heart, inviting her readers to dive into the undulations of a life lived boldly despite some very rocky terrain. A journey into the beauty life has to offer when met head-on with vulnerability, strength, determination, and passion.”

Jennifer V.