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Are you sick and tired of being stuck in the same place? Feeling so frustrated with yourself that you’re annoyed with the sound of your own voice talking about seeking your purpose? Maybe you’re feeling shutdown and just about ready to give up the dream of living passionately. I’ve been there. Now I live the extraordinary life I dreamed about.

I’ve overcome addiction, intense childhood experiences and feeling unsafe in the world. I can help you unlock the blocks keeping you from feeling the deep love, joy and peace you’ve been craving.

I provide a safe, loving space for my clients to move through intense emotions and mental blocks to deeper clarity, peace and love. Better is possible.

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Unleashing Prosperity

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Facebook Live

I share practices exclusively with my Facebook group via Facebook live events

Who wants to have more fun? What I know is that if I want more joy in my life, I need to make room for joy. Happiness is a choice and I consciously invite joy into my life. As a coach my work is to clear and cultivate. I guide clients to clear the blocks in their life and cultivate what they want more of in their lives; love, joy, peace…

I am delighted to offer recordings of “Make Room For Joy Thursdays” in my Facebook Group “Practices to Free Yourself and Live Your Dreams.

Each recording shares a new experience, sometimes a meditation, sometimes a breathing technique or coaching practice. Join my private facebook group “Practices to Free Yourself Live Your Dreams” (link in my profile) to be part of the live online events and have access to the recordings. What we focus on expands. I invite you to commit to Make Room For Joy.


Some of my most significant breakthroughs have happened in workshops and group work. I have witnessed powerful transformations for others as a participant and now as a facilitator. 

Group work is an opportunity to come together with a common purpose and focus your attention on your development with my guidance and the support of a group. The energy of a group magnifies whatever work is being done individually and I am always impressed with the “Divine Coincidence” of the unexpected and valuable connections that arise between participants. 

In my workshops I create a safe container for us to explore, learn and transform. The work is important and confidential along with some lightness and fun. My clients always come out with a new perspective and often have powerful, personal shifts. See testimonials for my workshops here. 

Emotions are energy in motion. Did you know that the word emotion comes from the Latin, ‘emotere’, which literally means energy in motion? In this series you’ll learn spiritual technology to move through your feelings and into a higher state of consciousness.

Past Workshops

Creating an Extraordinary Life

Do you ever ask yourself

“Is this as good as it gets?” 

If you are craving more love, more joy, more peace or more money and wondering what’s stopping you…

This workshop is for you. 

Creating An Extraordinary Life Feeling the flow of Abundance

Do you ever wonder why money comes so easily to others and not you?

Are you sick and tired of your money situation?

Are you ready to do something about your money situation?

This workshop is for you.