About Heidi Smith

About Heidi Smith

Your Choice is your Power – Free Yourself Live Your Dreams

What people are saying about Heidi Smith

“I had been unable to move forward, stuck in the past. traumas that i had experienced were stuck deep inside and new grief was exacerbating my ability to cope. I have suffered depression for well over 30 years. I have tried many different ways to help myself but they only helped me feel better short term. I was chronically exhausted and carried  the weight of deep sadness.

The work I did with Heidi was transformative.

The requirements were to show up, be present with an open mind, and be committed to the process. There were times I found this challenging. My resistance was alive and well.

I persevered because I wanted to learn to free myself from anger and resentment. I wanted to learn new strategies to deal with challenging situations. I stayed the course. Heidi always created a situation of safety, and was steadfast in her resolve to walk with me in support of my journey and facilitate change.

Heidi’s business is to help people free themselves in order to live their dreams and she delivers. The best part is that the work you do is sustainable. Many people have said to me “you look great” its not a hairstyle or a physical body change, its not new clothes.

 It’s my light. I am energetic, content, and smiling again. That is the best gift to give yourself

Invest in yourself so you can live the life you choose ~ you are worth it!”

-Lyn B

When I started working with Heidi my anxiety was off the charts. I was waking up every hour on the hour and felt like someone was sitting on my chest,  my energy level was at a 4.

Working with Heidi I felt safe… able to be vulnerable. I trusted her and was able to look at the scary things that were coming up for me that I couldn’t share with friends or family. I let go of a lot of anger and now my energy has gotten as high as a 10! I’m no longer afraid of the issues that I started with. I had been carrying around this stuff for many years.  I know I am stronger than I thought. I feel more peaceful in my daily life. I can see my choices so I don’t feel overwhelmed.

When I get upset it is easier for me to express myself and deal with it now instead of socking it away. I feel more compassion and vulnerability in my relationships. I feel naturally energized and I am enjoying life a lot more. I have done a lot of work on myself over the years, Heidi took me to another level and I had many enlightening moments and learned a different way to view negative feelings and emotions.  I highly recommend working with Heidi. 

– Heather M 

“It is inspiring to work with someone like Heidi that can teach about an extraordinary life and also live an extraordinary life. The principals that Heidi uses are alive in her mind and heart and body.”  

– Michael 

“Heidi introduced me to new perspectives and ways of looking at the various issues I was troubled with. She gave me space and agency to speak my mind and encouraged me to confront issues truthfully. Heidi taught me new frameworks and tools that helped me to make sense of things in a way that I could reason. Having new frameworks and tools to lean upon has been a real game changer!”

– Sven

“I really enjoyed the workshop – Creating an Extraordinary Life. Heidi provided practical and useful guided activities to help individual participants achieve personal and unique insights. I found Heidi to have great facilitating skills while sharing care and attention with each participant throughout the workshop. It was very interesting exploring the avenues to help achieve freedom, power, possibility, and joy. I have, and will continue to, recommend participating in one of Heidi’s workshops in the future.” 

– Lonnie E

“She’s compassionate, intuitive, naturally curious, empathetic and patient. She’s also a life-long learner, always engaged in her own “work” and always growing herself. She always knows just what process to use at just the right time. Heidi is a gifted coach and a beautiful human. If you want to move yourself forward, she’ll help you get there.” 

– Rebecca

“I would highly recommend Heidi Smith. Her sessions are intuitive and thoughtful, meeting me right where I am that day.

She is an attentive listener and a kind soul. With her help I moved through long held negative beliefs and blocks. I found myself and my consciousness open and expanded to move forward in my life.”


“Heidi’s kind, warm manner, and deeply intuitive nature make her a fantastic support and guide. I strongly recommend working with her. Thank you Heidi for supporting my own inner process!”

– Danielle