Creating an Extraordinary Life

Creating an Extraordinary Life

Do you ever ask yourself

“Is this as good as it gets?” 

If you are craving more love, more joy, more peace or more money and wondering what’s stopping you…

This workshop is for you. 

 “…it exceeded my expectations!  

I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who feels confused or stuck in some way and wants to move forward with clarity…”

-Lyn B

Self-worth and limiting beliefs are the most common blocks to getting what you want. This applies to all of us. The game of life is constantly upleveling and we will keep hitting the same blocks until we do something differently to move up to the next level.

If you don’t have all the peace, love, joy and wealth you want in your life right now, it’s time to do something different. 

Common Results:

  • Overcoming feelings of overwhelm to feel calm
  • Going from stressed to peaceful
  • Moving from scattered and confused to feeling clear and composed
  • Experiencing new clarity about challenges or goals 
  • Reclaiming time, space, freedom, balance
  • Increasing adaptability, productivity & joy
  • Feeling greater self confidence

In this workshop you will learn how to:

Clear limiting beliefs like:

  • “I’m not _ enough” (insert good, pretty/handsome, rich, tall, smart…) 
  • “I don’t deserve it.”
  • “I don’t have enough _” (insert time, support, experience, money, brains…)

Connect with your inner wisdom

Feel more peaceful

Ground in your strength and confidence

Take action with your new perspective

Join the waiting list for “Creating an Extraordinary Life Virtual workshop” and take a step towards the life you’ve been dreaming about. 

What people are saying about Heidi Smith and this workshop

“I invested my time and money to take this workshop because I wanted to move forward in my personal growth and take a step in a new career path. However, I felt held back by my lack of  confidence. I wanted to move from thinking about ideas to taking clear action. I thought this workshop would be a good first step and it exceeded my expectations!  

I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who feels confused or stuck in some way and wants to move forward with clarity.  

The reason I would recommend working with Heidi is that she knows how to connect with a group. Heidi is an excellent facilitator because she has the ability to stimulate interaction without bias, and she demonstrates the skill to create and maintain a safe environment for participants. Heidi practices and models good listening skills, she is acutely aware of other people’s emotions, is fair, and empathic. 

I found Heidi to be pro- active in the group and was flexible enough to allow necessary conversation. All of Heidi’s qualities, skills, and knowledge make her an exemplary facilitator. I found this workshop was quality time well spent and a real game changer.”

– Lyn B 

“I took Heidi’s workshop because I have done work with Heidi in the past that was helpful so trusted this would be the same!  I really had no idea what to expect, I just cleared the decks for the day for myself and came with an open mind.  The day turned out to be yet another turning point in my life where I learned a new method to deal with my limiting beliefs!  I was happy to have others joining on the journey, always great to meet like-minded people.  Heidi managed the time very well and kept us on track, no mean feat with a bunch of chatty women.  This method is something useful that I can practice on my own as those limiting thoughts come up.  I look forward to more workshops with Heidi sharing her gifts and talents from her heart!”

-Heather M

“It is inspiring to work with someone like Heidi that can teach about an extraordinary life and also live an extraordinary life. The principals that Heidi uses are alive in her mind and heart and body.”  

– Michael 

“Heidi introduced me to new perspectives and ways of looking at the various issues I was troubled with. She gave me space and agency to speak my mind and encouraged me to confront issues truthfully. Heidi taught me new frameworks and tools that helped me to make sense of things in a way that I could reason. Having new frameworks and tools to lean upon has been a real game changer!”

– SR

“She’s compassionate, intuitive, naturally curious, empathetic and patient. She’s also a life-long learner, always engaged in her own “work” and always growing herself. She always knows just what process to use at just the right time. Heidi is a gifted coach and a beautiful human. If you want to move yourself forward, she’ll help you get there.” 

– RK

“Heidi’s kind, warm manner, and deeply intuitive nature make her a fantastic support and guide. I strongly recommend working with her. Thank you Heidi for supporting my own inner process!”

– DP