Freedom from Self Judgement

freedom from self judgement

Freedom from Self Judgement

Do you feel tied up in knots?

When things don’t go your way do you think there’s something wrong with you?

Is it difficult to feel enthusiastic, even about things you want to do?

Are you thinking “Why is life so hard”?

Do you want life to feel easier?

This workshop is for you. 

I went into my coaching call with Heidi with a lot of self-judgement and left 90 minutes later with a sense of peace and a deeper understanding of the power of my choices.

– Maureen W

I’ve been where you are. My head was full of painful critical thinking that drained me. I was exhausted from carrying a huge weight on my shoulders. Life was hard, it was difficult to muster the motivation even for the things I wanted to do. 

Those days are gone

Today I feel at ease in my body and my days are full of enthusiasm for what I want to do. I can relax and enjoy my family, friends and work. The weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 

You too can have Freedom from Self Judgement.

Join me for a series of evening workshops 

Monthly on Thursdays 6:30 pm PST to 8:00 PST

July 29, 2021

Aug 26, 2021

Sept 30, 2021

Oct 28, 2021

Nov 25, 2021

Individual evening workshops $37 each

Workshop series (5 evenings) $163

Benefits from the workshop:

*Connect with your inner wisdom
*Feel more peaceful
*Ground in your strength and confidence
*Take action with your new perspective

Some people say they haven’t yet found themselves. 
But the self is not something one finds;
it is something one creates.

– Thomas Szasz

What people are saying about Heidi Smith

“She’s compassionate, intuitive, naturally curious, empathetic and patient. She’s also a life-long learner, always engaged in her own “work” and always growing herself. She always knows just what process to use at just the right time. Heidi is a gifted coach and a beautiful human. If you want to move yourself forward, she’ll help you get there.” 

– RK

“Heidi introduced me to new perspectives and ways of looking at the various issues I was troubled with. She gave me space and agency to speak my mind and encouraged me to confront issues truthfully. Heidi taught me new frameworks and tools that helped me to make sense of things in a way that I could reason. Having new frameworks and tools to lean upon has been a real game changer!”

– SR

“It is inspiring to work with someone like Heidi that can teach about an extraordinary life and also live an extraordinary life. The principals that Heidi uses are alive in her mind and heart and body.”  

– Michael 

“Heidi’s kind, warm manner, and deeply intuitive nature make her a fantastic support and guide. I strongly recommend working with her. Thank you Heidi for supporting my own inner process!”