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Business Mentorship – “Making Friends With The Boogeyman: Transforming Tragedy Into Triumph” Keepin’ It Real with Heidi Smith

As part of our “live” virtual coffee series, we introduce you to the person behind the logo…discussing lightbulb moments and 3 words of advice with entrepreneurs who have shared their story in our guest blog.

We discuss “why” she has chosen to write a book at this stage in her career along with a few tips on her experience as an author.

“We create a buzz about your biz” Meet our guest : “Heidi Smith helps others expand abundance, peace, joy and love beyond their expectations. In her coaching she shares practical tools and spiritual technology, empowering others to awaken their leader within to share their gifts with the world. In her book “Making Friends With The Boogeyman: Transforming Tragedy Into Triumph” she inspires others to live an extraordinary life using personal and candid stories of overcoming intense childhood experiences and addiction.”

Heidi joins us from Victoria, B.C. Read her feature in our guest blog:…

Business Mentorship is all about sharing stories to support and learn from each other. Why? Every entrepreneur remembers the day’s when they started in the trenches with a great idea!

Join us with your business story:…

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